Ambient FAQ’s

Can I integrate hot water into my Ambient heat pump hydronic system?

Yes, this can be done via a combination cylinder (buffer and hot water tank in one) or a hot water coil tank.

Can my hydronic Ambient heat pump heating system also heat my pool?

Yes, the pool heating can be done via a combination cylinder or using a hot water cool tank heat exchange.

Can an Ambient heat pump provide cooling over summer?

Yes, the Ambient heat pump is reverse cycle and can offer cooling in the summertime. By using fan coil units and running cool water through the slab.

How much money do I save with a heat pump hydronic heat source compared to gas?

This can be a difficult question to answer as it really depends on tariff rates. However, you would generally use 5-6 times less energy vs natural gas or LPG.

Do I need three phase power for the Ambient heat pump?

The Ambient heat pump can have either three- or single-phase connections.

Can I replace my old gas boiler or LPG boiler with an ambient heat pump?

An Ambient heat pump will have an efficiency of up to 440% whereas a gas boiler will be under 100%.

I'm off grid, can I run a heat pump system off a solar PV only?

The Ambient had a low energy input and a high energy output which is ideal for an off-grid system.

Do I always need a buffer tank for my Ambient heat pump?

Not always, it does depend on the system.

Can I control the Ambient heat via Bluetooth app?

Yes, Ambient can be controlled by various control systems either by our own control system or integrated into other control systems.

Where is the Ambient heat pump made?

The Ambient heat pump is designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia.

What is the warranty on an Ambient heat pump?

The Ambient heat pump has a 5-year domestic warranty.

What type of pump is the Ambient?

There are two varieties of the Ambient heat pump. The first is an air sourced model that extracts heat energy from the air and the other is a geothermal model that extracts heat energy from the ground.

Is the Ambient air sourced noisy?

The Ambient air sourced heat pump is rated e 64dBA. Which is equivalent to conversational speech. However, the Ambient can be reduced to 54 dBd when night mode is enabled.

Is the Ambient geothermal heat pump noisy?

The geothermal heat pump is always going to be much quieter than an air sourced heat pump because there are no fans involved in the heating process. Generally Ambient geothermal heat pump is located within a plant room inside the dwellings or in the garage.

How many kilowatts can the Ambient air sourced heat pump deliver?

23 kilowatts, this output can be increased with a buffer tank.

How many kilowatts can the Ambient geothermal heat pump deliver?

25 kilowatts.

Can the air sourced Ambient heat pump be located in a garage?

No, All air sourced heat pumps need air flow to maintain their efficiency so placing and air sourced heat pump in a confined space without sufficient air flow will cause a significant loss of efficiency and shorten the life of the heat pump.