Ambient Air Source Hydronic Heat Pumps

Ambient Variable Speed Air to Water Heat Pumps

Designed for a wide range of heating, cooling and hot water applications

• Climate control for your home you can expect the ultimate experience in comfort,
performance and reliability
• One system can provide all of your home heating, cooling and hot water
• Ideal replacement for existing hydronic wood fired and gas fired boilers
• Easily off settable with solar power
• Affordable
• Designed and manufactured in Australia

What it does –

✓ Hydronic in slab heating and cooling
✓ Hydronic radiator and convector heating
✓ Ducted heating and cooling
✓ Domestic hot water heating
✓ Commercial hot water heating
✓ Process heating and cooling
✓ Swimming pool heating
✓ Hospitals, Aged Care, Hydroponics and more



Benefits –

✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Clean, healthy and dust free environment
Ideal for asthma/allergy sufferers
✓ Low running costs with high C.O.P
✓ Low maintenance


Features –

• Ease of installation
• Utilizing the latest BLDC variable speed Copeland Scroll compressor giving heating
output of 4KW – 23KW with C.O.Ps of up to 4.4
• Matched with Carel speed drive controls and electronic refrigerant expansion
• Variable speed fans
• Microprocessor controls with onboard user interface
• Water marked heat exchangers
• Heavy duty galvanized and powder coated unit construction utilizing fully stainless
steel bolted fastenings
• Pre -commissioned by manufacturer ready for installation
• Domestic 5-year warranty